Our People

The folks who make our mission reality.


Aiden Rohde

Executive Director

An Electrical Engineer by training Aiden has worked as a management consultant and a private equity investor. He joined with Suzanne to launch Safe7y after spending the greater part of his young life around the roadside safety industry.

He is responsible for all day to day operations.

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Suzanne Rohde


A PhD Engineer and retired Mechanical Engineering Professor, Suzanne a specialist in Materials with an extensive background in research, contract funding, and program administrator. Familiar with roadside safety performance, she identified the need for an organization to monitor the in-service performance of road safety features.

She chairs the board.

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Steve Bennett

Steve built our public map, map.safe7y.com, developed or improved many of the open-source tools we rely on and helped us develop a key relationship with Mapillary.

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Isaac Gutekunst

Isaac rebuilt our data collection system from scratch, using modern tools. He also rebuilt our data processing architecture and established essential dev-ops practices for all our sites.

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Tim Grigoletti

Tim was an early analyst on the project, identifying thousands of features and helping us improve our analysis process.

Tim Mickel

Tim made substantial improvements to our demo site and established our relationship with Mapbox.

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Matt Wetmore

Matt created our analysis system, defined key data structures and established important part of our stack, specifically Vue.js.

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Christina Stanley

Christina "Chris" was our first data analyst. She identified thousands of devices and helped us develop our documentation and analysis process.

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Varun Nayyar

Varun created our first AI image identification system and established core development practices that we continue to follow.

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Matt Stanley

Our first ever contractor developed our first data collection system and established our long term love affair with Python.

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